Saturday, 25 January 2014

Fingerlake Tackle USA told us that they do a special painting of glow spoons that glow like no other spoon!  They said that they glow for hours!! They also said they do not sell this spoon, they only paint it for themselves and for those they sponsor.
Trollingcenter asked them if they would paint a special glow colour series of spoons especially for us and finally after some time they agreed!! We immediately ordered a small amount of them to test and sell. 

We have their "Extended Glow" spoons now and they are under testing with us to see how long they glow. We will come with the result as soon as the spoons stop glowing and we have the final result :)
These special spoons are not available on the webshop yet, but hopefully they will be on Sunday.

Testing update:
18.00 They are still glowing strong after 3 hours!
19.00 They are still glowing strong after 4 hours!!
20.00 They are still glowing after 5 hours!!! 
21.00 They are still glowing after 6 hours!!!!!
22.00 Still glowing after 7 hours!!!! Not as much as before, but totally OK!!!!
23.00 Amazing!! They are still glowing well after 8 hours!!!!
24.00 WOW! Still glowing after 9 hours!!!!
01.30 Still glowing after 10,5 hours!!!! Spoons win, I loose!!!
 It is late and I am very sleepy!!

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