Monday, 29 July 2013

Bechhold daisy Chains now in the store!!
This product has multiple uses for fishing applications. Designed so that it becomes a 3-D bait fish when it is used. Take one and flick it with your finger while holding the Ball bearing Swivel. You will see that it becomes a 3-Dimensional Bait Fish. It can be placed directly on the the rod line with a bait behind it. Just imagine a school of bait fish with your favorite bait or lure attached to the butt end of this Daisy Chain.
The Daisy Chain may also be attached to your downrigger ball. Then attach a stacker release 3-4 feet above ball and run bait or lure separate from Daisy chain. You can even attach 2 or more daisy chains together!!
To see all colours click on the LINK

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