Sunday, 1 July 2012


People are always so surprised when I tell them the wire on my downriggers is the same wire from 2001 and the wire is still in perfect condition!!
The reason is that I was given a tip from Ove (Team Extreme) Johansson many years ago about what releasers he used and how it protected your downrigger wire or line. It was a simple method of exchanging the stacker for a Scotty power grip and using a clip from a planerboard releaser as a safety catch. I have used this releaser system since then and therefore never damaged my wire. This releaser is also more suitable for those using nylon, dyneemafiber or other types of downrigger lines instead of traditional wire.

 I was surprised to see that Ove used a Scotty mini power grip instead of the larger Scotty power grip to attach the fishing line to. I have since then tried both the smaller and larger releaser to test them both. If fishing Lake Vänern or Lake Vättern I found the smaller mini power grip is most suitable, but when fishing for The Baltic Sea's larger migrating salmon I use the larger power grip . 
You can buy the releaser in the picture or the same releaser with 2 large Scotty power grips instead at Trollingcenter LINK

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